How agility and speed are getting increasingly important in ice hockey

So the fact that that ice hockey is practiced in ice fields and wearing ice skates does not mean it is any easier than running in a soccer field. As much as we may confuse and think that just because we are on a skateboard and we are faster, we tend to underestimate the fact that the amount of energy expenditure our bodies go through when gaining momentum is certainly higher than we think.

Not just agility but control

Agility is crucial so that hockey players can be fast in moving from one corner to the other, and so is control. Ice skates can slip and so having sound control of the speed when ice skating while focusing on getting the puck into the goal area.

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Most hockey players would most certainly want to ensure they not only take part in their strength training and cardio routines but also at least 2-3 times agility routines per week. On top of that, once an intermediate level is reached, ice skates can be used, and those agility exercises can be conducted with ice skates…how fun would that be?

Weight control, stay lean, stay agile

A simpler way to “naturally” become agile is to ensure that we are controlling our body weight as hockey players/athletes. Building muscle mass is important, but so is ensuring that players control their appetite, eat meals at the right times and not over indulge especially during tournaments. Nowadays, with it is easier than ever before to obtain high quality and natural supplements that aid players nutrition.

A good example is phen 375 which is this natural appetite suppressing fat burner with caffeine and many other natural ingredients. With that in mind, there are several other supplements out there that can certainly do the same job, and we welcome any suggestions from athletes who have used them and have worked well for them.

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Practice and Practice more

It goes without saying that practicing these habits, routines and drills will certainly allow players to get closer to perfection.

Try skating as fast as possible from corner to corner and then controlling yourself while attempting to score a goal. While not simple, it is a glimpse of how heated the game could be and so once in the real game scenario things would just become much easier and less stressful.

To Wrap UP (in reverse order): Practice, good supplements and agility!

Train and eat like the London Knights


Are you wondering how the London Knights manage to stay fit and perform their best during their games.

Ice Hockey, although not as glamorous as other sports like Soccer or Basketball, and the London Knights not being nearly as famous as Real Madrid, makes us what to write this post!

Unlike some common belief, ice hockey is no walk in the park. Teams need to train and eat healthy diets in the same way as Cristiano Ronaldo would.

Even though skating is not the same as running, it has been argued that skating, especially at the high intensity level in which ice hockey team members do it, can burn twice the calories of running. You see skating does not just requires stamina, but also technique.

If you have never ice skated before try visiting your local ice skating arena, putting on some ice skates and giving it a go. You will realize that at first you are struggling and your goal is to not fall down. You need to balance your body in the right way and direction and this can be done with practice.

Now try carrying a hockey stick and skating nimbly avoiding other people who are trying to tackle you and strike you, while you move swiftly from side to side and score a goal. If you have trouble doing that with regular soccer, then try ice hockey, it will be twice as tough!

For a team like the London Knights to endure long ice hockey games AND win, they require lots of strength, stamina and endurance.

A regular team like them would definitely have a very rigorous training regime involving strength, endurance, agility and practice drills.

A typical week would have a mixture of the following:

  • Weight session
  • High Intensity Interval training cardio – This can be running and jogging at intervals, or even skating!
  • Mobility and agility drills where the legs are trained to move and be agile in many different athletic ways
  • Practice drills such as having aiming at the goal and trying to score goals from afar.

All these are essential in order to have a high performing and well trained team.

On the flip side comes the diet and nutrition.

A team like the London Knights must have a strict diet with the right amounts of protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats.

Eating at least 3 servings of lean protein such as fish, chicken breast or lean steak are vital in order to allow the team members to have full muscle repair and recovery. Additionally, complex carbs involving oats, brown rice, sweet potatoes and fibrous vegetables form part of every plate so that they can fuel their workouts and games!

Lastly, healthy fats such as coconut and olive oil, avocados and nuts will help digestion and absorption of nutrients into the body cells.

For some athletes supplementation might be also useful in order to further aid muscle recovery and repair. Especially for those who are vegetarian, vegan or don’t digest animal proteins very well.

Some of the most common and highly recommended supplements are whey protein, creatine and BCAAs.

A combination of all these will be the key to success when training like a hockey player or in any other sport!